Weeds are everywhere!


Instead of spraying or pulling them out and putting in the compost is there something else you can do with them?

Soursob / Sour Grass

Soursob / Sour Grass



We have compiled a list of very common edible and useful weeds which can be found in many areas and climates all over the world.

We will be creating a large database and like all databases there has to be a start. Over the coming months and years we will be adding to our list to give you a comprehensive list of plants,trees and mushrooms that are edible,useful,medicinal or a combination of all three.

Unless you are a trained horticulturalist or botanist It can be very difficult identifying plants. Many terms you will read online or in textbooks are technical and would be very confusing for the laymen to decypher. To help you on your foraging journey to correctly identify plants you find we have added a link below simply labeled plant anatomy terms. A lot of the information contained in the document (from wikispaces) you will never ever use, but if you do read a term you are not familiar with this is a great reference tool to help you understand.

Thank you and happy foraging!