Botanical Name: Oxalis pes-caprae

Common Names: Bermuda buttercup, African wood-sorrel, Bermuda sorrel, buttercup oxalis, Cape sorrel, English weed, goat's-foot, sourgrass, soursob and soursop


Everyone would/should be familiar with Soursobs. Soursobs are a perennial plant that grow from bulbs in the soil. They are in abundance during the winter months but dieback as the weather warms .

Beneath the ground the plant has around 20 bulbs.

The leaves are trifoliate meaning the leaf is divided into three leaflets.

The stalks/stems rise well above the leaves, around 15-20cm.

On the top of stem there are loose clusters of between 3-20 flowers which are bright yellow in colour becoming fused at their base.

Each flower has five petals that open fully during sunny days and close at night or during dull periods.


Soursobs have quite a citrusy tang to them due to the oxalic acid contained within.all parts can be dried and ground to make a tangy herb which goes great with fish or chicken,we even add salt to make a lemon salt alternative. in its raw form the parts can be added to salads to add abit of zing

Medicinal uses:

Although there are no real known medical uses,it is said that the bulbs have in the past been uses to treat tape worms and other worms.