Fire Morel

Fire Morel



For centuries our ancestors used to forage for mushrooms, times were tough back then and they had to rely on their knowledge of the environment to survive.

From father to son and mother to daughter information was past down through generations until that suddenly stopped. We then became consumers of a different kind relying on supermarkets and shops to supply us with our daily nutritional intake.

What if that was to suddenly stop!! would you be able to make it on your own?

We have created this site to enable people to get back to nature and be able to pick and eat edible foods that are in abundance all around us. We love nothing more that getting outside and rambling through the countryside dogs in tow searching out delicious wild foods, mushrooms being part of that. 

The following pages contain mushrooms that are edible however we do not advocate picking and eating. Some mushrooms are deadly and you don't get a second chance, others will make you very sick.

We do know that people will still go out and pick to consume so we wanted to educate to keep people safe . We believe that way people will be able to make more informed decisions rather than taking uneducated risks.

Please be safe and if in any doubt  LEAVE IT OUT.