The Persecuted Purslane



This time of year our yards, verges and vegetable gardens get inundated with what some would call a weed. Portulaca oleracea aka purslane/pig weed just so happens to be this first plant I identified as an edible species at the age of 7. I knew back then it was a native but I didn't know what an awesome plant it was.

Coming up in the middle of summer it does an amazing job at protecting the soil, retaining water and using up extra nutrients our tap water puts in the ground.

Being an old world plant it grows world wide and is widely consumed. Its super high in nutrients like omega 3 but it also contains some of the highest levels of other vitamins like A and C. 

I have never been a supporter of mulch and this plant more than makes up for that. Once it dies all those extra nutrients it removed from the water has been converted into an awesome green mulch.

Weeds don't have to be a negative addition to your garden or surroundings, unless however they are in a conservation area. Once you change your view of this plant you can embrace all its amazing qualities and let it continue to grow year after year.


The Wild Food Huntress