Friends are so important and we can accomplish a lot and spread the word by working together.

Below are a list of friends and businesses that do great work and who have supported me and in turn i would like to return the favour. We have added a brief description of what they can offer you andlinks to their respective sites.

Diego and Kate holding a joint foraging workshop in Tempe NSW

Diego and Kate holding a joint foraging workshop in Tempe NSW

Diego's reputation is huge amongst the wider foraging community and i have learnt so much from him. If ever your in Sydney you have to check out his events and book yourself in.i can guarantee that you won't be disappointed.


Diego Bonetto is an Italian artist, father, forager, speaker, keen naturalist and award winning cultural worker based in Sydney. Since 2002, Diego has been working as a multimedia artist and cultural engagement practitioner and is key member of artists’ collectives SquatSpace and the BigFAGPress.

Diego's art practice encompasses collaborative socially engaged projects like the Green Bans Art Walk and the Redfern/Waterloo Tour of Beauty  to environmental campaigns like the Weedy Connection and Wild Stories projects, celebrating and fostering culturally aware interpretation of the landscape.

Diego works with chefs, scientists, architects, academics, herbalists, brewers, soap makers, producers, educators and land owners, providing programs, workshops, tours, community engagement strategies and exhibitions. He regularly presents at conferences and symposiums on the ecological and cultural value of botanical species.

Diego is now collaborating with a cluster of developers, web producers naturalists, horticulturalists to create Wild Food Map -- a community to identify public domain food and medicine plants living in the landscape, sharing locations and related knowledge through social media interaction.

Diego's project have received a substantial amount of media including a Gardening Australia segment and articles on Marie Claire, GQ Australia, LonelyPlanet, SMH, The Daily Telegraph, ABC Radio and TV and SBS Radio and TV

I have known Jonathan for a few years now and am in awe of his passion for fungi.Contact jonathan if you want to grow your own mushrooms from spawn. If you have found a mushroom that you cant identify drop him a line and talk to him about getting the sample DNA tested!


Selby Shrooms     Selby Victoria

Selby Shrooms was founded by Jonathan MacGibbon who was walking his dog one day around Selby and noticing the literal tonne of edible mushroom biomass that was being ignored and rotting all around the area. He decided that if they are going to go to waste anyway, why not get them out and available to gourmet kitchens everywhere.

The main focus of our business however has been establishing a unique library of quality and fully tested/confirmed mushroom strains. These include oyster varieties, King Stropharia, Turkey tail and confirmed edible blewit strains.

Jonathan has had an interest in mushroom identification and cultivation on and off since 1999 when he first learnt to clone a wild specimen of a Macrolepiota species. In relation to our culture range, we have decided to concentrate on species with more culinary merit that were not as readily available already in Australia. King Stropharia is our bread and butter.

In terms of wild-picked mushrooms we have provided birch boletes, Saffron Milk Caps and Wood Blewits to customers between April to June.

Jonathan spends his time juggling the joys of his two young and beautiful children with his second passion for mushroom hunting and cultivation.

My good friend Peter who i have known for a few years is a great resource for edible fungi in Australia. Please click there link below and check out his blog to learn more.