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Hi and welcome to our site.

I am a Horticulturalist and Conservationist. I am not a Nutritionist or a Herbalist.

The information contained on this site is of a general nature.

You should seek professional medical advice before trying to use any of the plants to treat any medical conditions you or others may have.

I am fully qualified and able to identify flora and fungi but do not suggest that people consume.Use the information contained in this site as a guide only.

Happy Foraging




Over the last 100 years or so we have relied on others gathering our daily food and servicing our every need.We have as a society become disconnected from what is really important and that is family, health and food.

How often have you heard the phrase I'm too busy or i don't have time? you have probably said it yourself? This is the main reason for knowledge not being passed down to us especially about the abundance of food that is all around us that we don't realise we can eat. We have outsourced the foraging and gathering of food so that we may have extra time to do other things during our day.

The food that is around us is not new or groundbreaking it is old!The information had been passed down  by our ancestors for thousands of years. Our ancestors also realised the medicinal values of a lot of the food we eat and used them to treat all sorts of ailments.

I am in a fortunate position of having reconnected with the knowledge that had almost been forgotten so i set up this site to help others reconnect as well.

Kate -The Wild Food Huntress



“Hunter-gathers, by nature, store information for use, understanding that there may be a time when information is scarce.”  

                       Brian C. O'Connor, Jud H. Copeland, Jodi L. Kearns

who am i

My Name is Kate Grigg. I am passionate about nature and the environment we live in.


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